Monday, April 23, 2012

Toonsie and the Toothbrush

First story for Baby Deese. . .

Toonsie and the Toothbrush
It was a rainy day and too cold for toonsie to play outside. 

She found a string and batted it a few times.

Then she tried to pounce a couple of crickets and missed.

She soon grew tired and wished she could go out and play with her friends.

Then Toonsie had an idea! She would go on an adventure right in her own house!

“I will explore and find something new to play with!” She thought.

She began sneaking around like a real detective.

Under the couch, she found some Cheetos and 2 quarters!

Behind the bookcase, she found a toy mouse.

She wandered into the bathroom and the cabinet door was open.

“Hmmmm” she thought. “I wonder what’s inside.”

It was dark in there, but she was not afraid. She stepped slowly through the open door.

She felt something with her paw. One end was soft with bristles. “What’s this?”

She grabbed it and quickly took it to her bedroom.

It was pink and green and had sparkles and looked like so much fun!

First, she pretended she was a singer on a stage, and it was her microphone.

Next, she used it as a hockey stick to hit a loose m&m.

Then, she decided to use it to build a fort.

Just as she was pretending it was her dance partner at a ball, her mom walked in with a warm plate of cookies.

“Are you dancing with that toothbrush?” her mom asked.

“Toothbrush?” she asked. “Yes,” her mom replied. “That is what you use to clean your teeth.

We brush our teeth to keep them clean and strong and to make our smile stay bright!”

“When will I have teeth? “ Toonsie asked with a sigh.

“Soon,” her mom replied. “Soon enough my dear.”

The next day, she woke up bright and early, with her new toothbrush right beside her.

She ran to the mirror to see if she had grown teeth.


Every day, Toonsie would ask her Mom “When will I grow teeth so I can use my toothbrush?

“Soon,” she would say. “You must be patient.”

Her mom had bright white teeth and a big red toothbrush for grown-up teeth that she used every day.

Toonsie watched her and wished so badly that she had pretty white teeth too.

Day after day, she woke up and ran to the mirror to check if she had teeth yet.

Then, one day, she saw a tiny white bump on her gums.

“Mom!!!” she yelled. “I think I have a tooth”

“You sure do!” she said with a laugh. “It is starting to come in and soon you will get to use your toothbrush.”

In only a few days, Toonsie had a tooth! It had fully come in and was white and shiny!

“I will brush it with my toothbrush every day!” She told her mom.

“We do lots of things to keep our teeth healthy,” her mom said. “We eat healthy food, brush them, and floss them, and even go to the dentist to let him check and clean them too.”

Toonsie was so excited she could hardly stand it. Before long, she had a mouthful of teeth and was so proud to take good care of them with her very own toothbrush!

Lacy M. Deese

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